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THT Poland 2016

Transcatheter Heart Team Poland Conference

Educational platform for all Heart Team members
to increase knowledge,
share experience
and build research links
in Transcatheter Structural Heart Interventions

to the benefit of our patients

 Venue: Radisson Blue Hotel, Warsaw, Poland
Date: 3-4 March 2016

on Thurdsay, 3 March 2016

Opening Lectures:

  • Transcatheter heart valve durability and failure predictors
  • Transcatheter aortic and mitral valve therapy in 2016

The one and only valve: tailoring TAVI to our patients

  • Medtronic Evolut R
  • Edwards Lifesciences Sapien 3
  • Boston Scientific Lotus Edge
  • St Jude Portico
  • Symetis Acurate system
  • DirectFlow

Live-in-a-box TAVI implantation session with Q&A

  • Edwards Sapien 3
  • Medtronic Evolut R
  • Boston Lotus

Aortic track: Challenges of TAVI: current evidence and recommendations

  • Introduction: TAVI dilemmas in a flash
  • How to avoid stroke in TAVI patients
  • Selection of the best prosthesis to treat a stenosed bicuspid aortic valve
  • Recommended timing of double antiplatelet therapy for TAVI
  • How to avoid pacemaker implantation in TAVI patients
  • Recommended management of coronary artery disease in patients qualified for TAVI
  • The boundaries of Valve-in-Valve treatment of aortic and mitral bioprosthesis using TAVI systems
  • Which low-risk patients qualify for TAVI
  • Significant PVL after TAVI: how to define and how to treat

Latest advances in transcatheter treatment of mitral and tricuspid valves

  • Transcatheter Mitral Valve Therapy in 2016
  • Transcatheter Valve-in-Ring therapy using TAVI systems
  • Transcatheter native mitral valve treatment using TAVI systems
  • How to predict procedural success using MitraClip system for the treatment of mitral insufficiency: mitral anatomical criteria in 2016.
  • Carillon System
  • Valtec Cardioband
  • Tricuspid Valve
  • Lariat System

Plany rozwoju przezcewnikowego leczenia wad serca w Polsce

  • Rozwój i perspektywy przezskórnego leczenia wad zastawki aortalnej w Polsce w świetle Inicjatywy Europejskiej Asocjacji
  • Przezskórnych Interwencji Sercowo-Naczyniowych (EAPCI) Valve for Life
  • Rozwój i perspektywy leczenia wad zastawki mitralnej w Polsce
  • Rozwój i perspektywy leczenia wad zastawki płucnej i trójdzielnej w Polsce

Polish TAVI registry (Rejestr Poltavi)


Friday, 4 March 2016


15 Most teaching successful and complicated TAVI procedures

  • Tips and tricks for TAVI operators

Left atrial appendage occlusion techniques for invasive cardiologistis

  • LAAC with Watchman device: live in a box teaching cases with tips and tricks
  • LAAC with Amulet device: live in a box teaching cases with tips and tricks


Multimodality imaging in strutural heart diseases during screening, procedure and follow-up

  • Echocardiography for TAVI Screening:
  • How to perform and analyse TTE and TOE before TAVI with most teaching echocardiography cases
  • Echocardiography for TAVI procedural guidance and FU:
  • How to perform and analyse TTE and TOE during TAVI with most teaching echocardiography cases
  • MSCT for TAVI screening: access site
  • MSCT for TAVI screening: aortic and mitral valves
  • Echocardiography for LAAC patient selection
  • Echocardiography for LAAC procedural guidance
  • MSCT for LAAC patient selection
  • New echocardiography imaging tools in mitral and aortic valves assessment
  • Novel 3D echocardiographic methods of annular sizing for TAVI, safeguards and pitfalls
  • Technical aspects of angio-CT examination and the methods of vascular parameters calculations in patients planned for TAVI
  • Spectral Computed Tomography


Nurses focus on TAVI patients
Opieka pielęgniarska nad pacjentem przezcewnikowej implantacji zastawki aortalnej

  • Nowoczesne leczenie przezcewnikowe pacjentów z wadą zastawki aortalnej: możliwości technologiczne oraz wyniki leczenia
    Novel transcatheter treatment of patient with aortic valve degeneration: latest technology advances and treatment outcomes
  • Sposób kwalifikacji pacjentów do zabiegu TAVI: kto i jaką metodą?
    Patient screening for TAVI: who and how?
  • Rola zespołu pielęgniarskiego w opiece nad pacjentami zakwalifikowanymi do TAVI
    Role of nurse team support for patients qualified for TAVI
  • Rola zespołu pielęgniarskiego TAVI w Pracowni Hemodynamiki
    Importance of Interventional Nurse TAVI Team
  • Zmiany w jakości życia pacjentów po przeznaczyniowej implantacji zastawki aortalnej
    Changes of quality of life in patients after TAVI
  • Aktywność fizyczna u chorych po zabiegu TAVI
    Physical activity in patients after TAVI